Another class Axioo Neon products that have the ability qualified. Although not new, even older than the Axioo Neon TVR but Axioo Neon NVE specification support aero in Windows 7. I give this driver already supports aero, so for users Axioo Neon NVE can enjoy the beauty of Windows 7.

I give this driver has a drawback, namely for the webcam driver. This happens because when creating a script I use the driver Axioo Neon NVE model without the webcam. Axioo Neon NVE For those users that include webcam does not need to worry for drivers webcam, because most likely already supports Windows 7 webcam driver despite using generic drivers or the public. Feel free to comment or input. Here’s the download link and the steps to install:

  1. Extracting file
  2. Run file install.bat
  3. When you finish installing the drivers, the notebook will restart

Up here for Axioo Neon NVE, hopefully useful. Thanks