Axioo Centaur NL or Axioo Centaur NVN, maybe there are friends who asked why use “or”? Axioo Centaur whether these two products together? You could say these two products are virtually identical. However, particularly for Axioo Centaur NVN only distributed in Yogyakarta. So, this NVN Axioo Centaur including limited edition. Axioo Centaur NVN basically wearing the same board with Axioo Centaur NL. With that basis I decided to give the conjunctions “or” and I believe basically the Axioo Centaur NL and Axioo Centaur NVN is the same.

Because Axioo Centaur NVN including limited edition, with a heavy heart I inform the driver that I give will not be tested on Axioo Centaur NVN. I wish for my friends who use Axioo Centaur NVN can try the drivers that will I give. And provide information on test results, in order to provide input to other friends. Axioo Centaur NL users do not need to hesitate because I’ve tried it and did well. But I still wish there was input from friends to make it better. Here’s the download link and install steps:

  1. Extracting file
  2. Run file install.bat
  3. Once completed notebook will restart

I hope it will be useful for my friends. Please feel free to comment, especially input to make it better. Thank you.