This time I will give old Axioo drivers , the lucky ones are those who use Axioo TEC Zetta or Axioo Zetta TEN. Please note Zetta TEC and Zetta TEN only different in fingerprint and bluetooth. Zetta TEN has no fingerprint and bluetooth, while the Zetta TEC has it. It also are the reason for me to upload the file in two parts. The first part is a complete driver without bluetooth, while the second part only contains bluetooth. I recommended for usage Zetta TEN for not to download the second part because is not useful, because the Zetta TEN don’t have a bluetooth. The following installation steps:

First part (The full driver, without bluetooth)

* Download

1. Extract files
2. Run the install.bat file

Part Two (Bluetooth)

1. Download
2. Extracting files
3. Run setup.exe file

Thus the installation steps

Drivers Axioo TEN or Driver Axioo  TEC. Thank you…